Prof. dr. E.M. Linda Steg
Environmental Psychology

University of Groningen, Netherland

Psychology, Social

Environmental psychology; understanding environmental behaviour including energy use and car use; acceptability and effectiveness of environmental policy; sustainable energy transition; cllimate change; values; intrinsic motivation

Other positions
Fellow of the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW).
Member Board of Directors of the University of Twente.

Iwan Setyawan
CEO Provetic

Iwan Setyawan was born in Batu, Malang, East Java on December 2nd 1974. He graduated from Bogor Institute of Agriculture from Department of Statistic (1997) and honored as The Best Graduate at Mathematics and Science Faculty. Having been completed his education on 1997 Iwan started his career as Senior Processing Data Executive at Nielsen Consumer Research, Indonesia. As one of the premier research analyst and statistician Iwan has profound knowledge and vast amount of creativity (driving new solutions and development), business sense (analyzing with commercial mindset, not solely in academic one) and client acumen to his work. 16 years pursuing career as statistician and research analyst Iwan has gained invaluable experiences both in Indonesia and abroad.

Iwan has the ability to convey complex statistic issues in a simple way, a fantastic team player and a very positive influence in the workplace. As an individual Iwan also known as a great friend to everyone, very sociable and likable. Therefore having these characters made him easily to adapt with new working environments. Some of his working experiences were: Senior Data Processing Executive at Nielsen Consumer Research, Indonesia (1997 – 2000), Statistician at Danareksa Research Institute, Indonesia (February – September 2000), Data Processing Executive at Nielsen Consumer Research, New York (2000 – 2001), Senior Data Processing Executive at Nielsen Consumer Research, New York (2001 – 2003), Manager Operations (Data Analyst and Consulting) at Nielsen Consumer Research, New York (2003 – 2005), Senior Manager Operations (Data Analyst and Cosnulting) at Nielsen Consumer Research, New York (2005 – 2008), Director Internal Client Management/Data Analyst and Consulting at Nielsen Consumer Research, New York (2008 – 2010), Head Analyst, Statistician and Storyteller at AkonLabs, Jakarta (May 2011 – present) and CEO at Provetic, Jakarta (November 2011 – present).

Iwan has published two novels which he wrote himself. One of those novels are “9 Summers 10 Autumns” in which he wrote based on his experiences as a villagers boy in Malang City and then moved to New York City and started working at Nielsen. The story behind this novel was also made into a movie in Indonesia. The other novel he wrote was “Ibuk” and one book about photography and poem of Batu City namely Melankoli Kota Batu. 

Laras Sekarasih, Ph.D
Universitas Indonesia

Laras Sekarasih is a lecturer at the Faculty of Psychology, Universitas Indonesia. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. During her PhD training, she was a member of media literacy research group, where she served as a researcher and facilitator in an annual media literacy initiative at two local schools in the Pioneer Valley area in Massachusetts. She was also a consultant at the University of Massachusetts Amherst Institute for Social Science Research. At Universitas Indonesia she teaches Media Psychology, Consumer Psychology, and Research Methods and Statistics. She is also an editor at Makara Human Behavior Studies in Asia, Universitas Indonesia's flagship academic journal of the social sciences and humanities cluster. Her research areas are the social psychology of media use, media, children, and the family, and media and the consumers. Her work has been published as journal articles and book chapters, including at the Journal of Children and Media, Journal of Advertising, the Communication Review, and the Journal of Media Literacy Education.