1. Open Paper Submission page
  2. Click ‘Go to Login’, otherwise if you still don’t have the account, please click ‘Go to Registration’ instead.
  3. After your register or login step have been done, click ‘New Submission’ on the top right.
  4. Select your track and thoroughly read and check the Submission Checklist according to your submission’s condition.
  5. Click ‘Save and Continue’ on the bottom left.
  6. Upload your file by click ‘Choose file’ and then click ‘Upload’.
  7. Click ‘Save and Continue’.
  8. Fill the Submission’s Metadata, and then click ‘Save and Continue’.
  9. Confirm the Submission by click ‘Finish Submission’ button.
  10. Your online submission is done! Please wait for the next confirmation from UIPSUR for the next step.